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    • What Is the Restored Gospel? — An introduction to Christianity, how it was corrupted, and why it needed to be restored by latter-day prophets.
    • How Should Christians Do Church? — There are many types of churches, but the Latter-day Saints are doing it right. Learn about the Church of the Apostles and its Restoration in modern times.
    • The Book of Mormon: Fake or Inspired? — It’s good to be cautious about new claims of divine revelation. But the evidence shows that the Book of Mormon is a real Christian scripture, not a fraud.

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    Specific topics and issues (to be added):

    • Restored Christian teachings:
      • The Hope of Postmortem Salvation
      • Our Father and Mother in Heaven: The Family Nature of God
      • Joint Heirs with Christ: Exaltation in the Divine Image
    • Church practices:
      • The Priesthood and Temple Restored: End-Times Bible Prophecies Fulfilled
      • Eternal Family Sealings: Keeping Our Identity in the Afterlife
    • The case for the Book of Mormon:
      • Eyewitness Testimonies by Critics of the Church
    • Difficult issues addressed:
      • Anachronisms in the Book of Mormon
      • Authenticity of the Book of Abraham
      • Racism in Scripture and Church History
      • Legalism and the Word of Wisdom
    • (And probably more, God willing…)