The True Church?

LDS temple in Richmond, Virginia
The steeple of a Latter-day Saint temple in Richmond, Virginia

Let’s investigate!

Our purpose is to convince you that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the most true of all churches in the world today. Many churches have some truth — but the Restored Christian faith of the Latter-day Saints is the fullness of the Gospel. This website will show you why.

Getting started:

  • What Is the Restored Gospel? — An introduction to Christianity, how it was corrupted, and why it needed to be restored by latter-day prophets.
  • How Should Christians Do Church? — There are many types of churches, but the Latter-day Saints are doing it right. Learn about the Church of the Apostles and its Restoration in modern times.
  • The Book of Mormon: Fake or Inspired? — It’s good to be cautious about new claims of divine revelation. But the evidence shows that the Book of Mormon is a real Christian scripture, not a fraud.

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